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Jan. 2nd, 2006 @ 10:13 pm Excited for the Challenge!
hi all!

This is my intro post. I'm Jess -- 5'7" and around 210 lbs (I haven't been able to weigh myself for a bit). I'm a college student, which has been making weight loss (or even prevention of weight gain!) difficult. The weight loss challenge begins right when I return to school (where I actually have control over what I eat), so the timing is perfect for me. I've been trying to get myself psyched to do this and hope that I can commit to it for the whole 8 weeks.

Is anyone else doing anything to get motivated and psyched for this? anything specific?
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Jan. 13th, 2005 @ 07:49 pm hi
Hi all! Thought I would intro myself.

My name is Lynn. I am currently 200lbs. I had a baby boy in September. I did not gain that much with him (thank God!). I started out at 207 and was 217ish right before he was born. I am BreastFeeding and so I want to make sure that I get enough good stuff for my boys growth.

I will walk at least 20 min a day. I will not eat after 9pm. I will keep a journal of everything I eat. I will drink more water. I will only eat chocolate once a week. I will go to the gym at least 2 times a week.

I will post some before pics later when I have more time.
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Jan. 13th, 2005 @ 04:39 pm Greetings from Chicago!
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Hey fellow Challengers!

My name is Jen, and I am excited to start "The Challenge"! I'm 5'5" and about 145, which is probably about 17 pounds over what I weighed two years ago. I feel pretty confident that with the right push, I can get moving and get back down there again. I'm glad someone thought to start a community where we can share our thoughts and feelings!

Good luck to everyone, keep the support going!
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Jan. 12th, 2005 @ 11:14 pm Hello, Everyone!!!
Hi Everybody!
I just wanted to stop by and introduce myself... I'm Darrah, I'm 20 years old and I'm a junior in college outside Philly. This is me, currently:

I'm on the left with my friend Collin. This picture was taken about three days ago, and Granted its a HORRIBLE picture of me, haha but I wanted to give some idea of a before picture... I am currently 178.5 pounds, with my goal probably around 155, maybe a bit lower, but I'm just setting something basic for right now... one step at a time, and I can get more specific later, right?

anyway, a little bit of history with my weight: When I was a senior in high school (2002), I started weight watchers and lost 26 pounds, going from 184 pounds to 158 at my lowest point. Along this point in time, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, and my diet was VERY restricted by my doctors- for a while they didn't know what the problem was. Over the past few years, as I've gone into remission and gotten better, my weight has steadily increased again, leaving me where I'm at now... and ready to make a change. I was also a vegetarian until this past march when I started eating poultry again, which I'm sure has increased my weight but also been healthier for me anyway.

I'm moving into an apartment for this semester, which I'm sure is part of my motivation- an amazing roommate who can help to motivate me constantly, and a full kitchen so I'm not locked into fried and horrible for you dining hall food all the time!

So that's me! Get fired up, everyone! yayyy!
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Jan. 12th, 2005 @ 07:53 pm I will try to add my before and after pictures...
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Jan. 12th, 2005 @ 10:39 am We start Saturday the 15th
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Everyone ready? How are you preparing? You pumped or nervous?
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Jan. 9th, 2005 @ 04:24 pm (no subject)
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I just wanted to introduce myself to the community. Last year I did the National Body Challenge and lost 35 pounds and went down 4 sizes. This year I am mainly trying to lose those last 10-15 stubborn pounds to reach my goal weight and it seems to be even harder now that I am in college. I am not currently over weight, but I do want to achieve my goal weight of 120 pounds. I know that I might not have as much weight or work to do as some of you might, but I thought that I could be of some support to some of you as you start this program. I have been overweight before and done this program, so I have been in your shoes and I know what you are going through. So if you need any support or any encouragement to get you through the tough times then feel free to leave me a message on lj, or you can im me or e-mail me.

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Jan. 7th, 2005 @ 09:34 am Anyone?
Anyone around or is this community fruitless :\
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Jan. 3rd, 2005 @ 09:04 am ediets – who’s signed up?
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Who here has signed up for the free ediets and if so have you started using it? I haven’t yet because I need to sit down and figure out my meal plans. I’m somewhat of a picky eater and also the fitness section is tough since I do Curves.
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Dec. 29th, 2004 @ 06:22 pm Success Story (Karen)
When she signed up for the NATIONAL BODY CHALLENGE, Karen Staitman weighed in at 196 pounds. She owns two companies — a cookie company and a candy company — and had a hard time staying away from sweets. But all of that changed when she transformed her diet and reintroduced herself to exercise. The result? She lost 28.5 pounds and is going strong. Here's Karen's update:

Hello from Los Angeles! A lot has happened since I finished the "official" NATIONAL BODY CHALLENGE. I've got to tell you that my own personal "Body Challenge" is a constant struggle. Losing weight is a whole lot easier when you have to perform and you have incentive. After the lights, cameras and competitors are gone, all you have is you.

I still get up at 4:20 a.m. five days a week to work out. It's the only time I have in my day. Being a wife and mother to three children — 8 years old and under — and running two businesses doesn't allow much personal time for me. I work out not because I love it (although I like it better than I used to), but because I love to eat and I'm not about to give up the yummy stuff. Plus, I do not want to gain the weight back! I still love sugar, and owning a cookie and candy factory makes my life a bit challenging. I have not been perfect with my diet, but all in all, I'm doing pretty well. My new clothes still fit, which is always a good sign. And when they do get a bit snug, I adjust my diet and — voila! — I'm back down again.

I've been skating every Tuesday night since the end of the challenge and I'm even taking lessons. I hope to take my Gold Dance Tests soon (that's where I left off almost 12 years ago).

Life is fun, hectic and challenging. I've learned that everything in life can be a challenge, but it's up to me to turn challenges into opportunities. I still have about 25 to 30 more pounds to go, which I don't know if I will ever lose, but I'm really happy with where I am ... for now. I wear a size 10/12, down from an 18. Thank you NATIONAL BODY CHALLENGE for everything! You have been, and will continue to be, an integral part of my life for the rest of my life.
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